Port of Baltimore Dray Truck Replacement Program
A Maryland Port Administration supported program
1. Who is eligible for this program?
2. How is port service verified? 
Port service can be established via a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) and through the Maryland Port Administration’s eModal or other transportation monitoring systems. Please send a copy (front and back) of your TWIC card as an attachment to your application, and carefully complete the “Company Information” section of the application because the information provided in this section will also be used to prove port service.
3. How much grant funding is available?
The program provides up to $30,000 toward a newer truck. 
4. What kind of trucks can be purchased? 
5. What is the purpose of this program? 
The purpose of this program is to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases associated with the transport of goods to and from the Port of Baltimore.
6. Can I apply for funding for more than one truck?  
7. What are the eligibility requirements for the trucks? 
8. I just bought an old truck – can I replace it with a newer truck through this program?
Trucks must be owned by the applicant for at least one year before the truck is eligible for this program. 
9. My truck just broke down – can I replace it with a newer truck through this program? 
Trucks must be drive-able on the day of scrappage.
10. What is included in a complete application package? 
11. How can I tell if I will qualify for financing for the balance of the truck price? 
Approval for financing is solely the decision of the financial institutions and is generally based upon your credit report and credit score. A credit report is a record of your credit history. Other factors may be reviewed by the financial institution before financing is approved. Below you will find a list of questions that are commonly asked by financial institutions when reviewing financing applications.  

Please consider these questions before you choose to pursue participating in the Dray Truck Replacement Program. 
Answering yes to any or all of these questions may impact your chance of obtaining financing, but ultimately the decision is up to the financing institutions. 
12. When should I buy my new truck? 
13. When should I scrap my old truck?
14. How can I get an application?  
15. Who do I contact for assistance?  
For questions, please call the truck hotline at 410.205.2730.  You will be contacted by staff within one business day. 
9. My truck just broke down – can I replace it with a newer truck through this program? 
This program is made possible by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Maryland Port Administration and the Maryland Environmental Service
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